The project “Together for the rights of LGBTI in Bulgaria” will increase the sensitivity to the many forms of discrimination and prejudices the LGBTI people in Bulgaria face among teachers, politicians, business and civil leaders, and parents of LGBTI youth.

The project is performed by a consortium of: Foundation “Workshop for civil initiatives”, Bulgarian donating forum, Bulgarian school for politics “ D. Panitza”, syndicate “Education” to LC (Labour Confederation) “Support”, Foundation “Bulgaria voice” and youth LGBTI organisation- “Action”.
All partners in the project, working in different areas, are uniting for the realization of a broad, informational campaign among their specific target groups, in support of the equality of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.
It is expected for the project to attract new supporters for the biggest LGBTI rights event in Bulgaria- Sofia PRIDE

About the Project:

sponsor- European Union
place- Bulgaria
start- 1.11.2017
end- 31.05.2019
category- legal program

People living with HIV face many challenges in Bulgaria- percentage of them being part of the LGBTI community. The HIV-related stigma and the insufficient medical practices, politics, initiatives for education, prevention, and testing are some of the main challenges.

The project activities include:

Informational seminars
30 informational seminars for teachers, including total of 600 teachers from 30 different areas, organized by syndicate “Education” to LC “Support”
30 informational seminars with employees and volunteers in NGO, which will include 600 representatives from NGOs from 30 different areas, organizers from FWCI and Youth LGBTI organisation “Action”.
2 informational seminars with 2 different groups from the Bulgarian school for politics, which will include 100 politicians in total.
2 informational seminars with members of the Bulgarian donation forum from the corporate sector, 100 business leaders in total.

Informational campaign

campaign in social media and publicity in the press, and public transport, targeting citizen, who do not have a clear opinion on the need of equality for LGBTI in Bulgaria. The campaign is coordinated by Foundation “Bulgaria voice”

National conference with the support of the Ombudsman

-тhe conference will unite 100 participants from different sectors for discussion
of coordinated action in support of the LGBTI in Bulgaria.


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