If you are living with HIV, you have the right to a free antiretroviral therapy (ART) and free monitoring at the following 5 wards in Bulgaria:

  • Sofia

medical institution: SBALIPB “Prof. Ivan Kirov”

address: Sofia 1606, Acad. Ivan Geshov “17

Tel: (02) 9023 732; (02) 9023 733

website: sbalipb.bg

Dr. Nina Yancheva, MD, Head of OPIN (Immune Deficiency Division)


  • Plovdiv

medical institution: UMHAT “St. Georgi”

address: Plovdiv 4002, 66, Peshtersko shose Blvd

Tel: (032) 602 746

website: unihosp.com

Prof. Dr. Mariana Stoycheva-Vertigova, MD, Head of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases


  • Varna

medical institution: UMHAT “St. Marina”

address: Varna 9000, Tsar Osvoboditel St 100

Tel: (052) 978 703

website: svetamarina.com

Dr. Daniela Nikolova, MD, specialist in infectious diseases, Clinic of Infectious Diseases, Specialized Sector for Treatment of HIV / AIDS


  • Pleven

medical institution: UMHAT “Dr. Georgi Stranski”

address: Pleven 5800, Georgi Kochev Blvd 8А

Tel: (064) 886 439; (064) 886 415

website: umbalpleven.com

Prof. Dr. Tsetsa Doychinova, MD, Head of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases


  • Stara Zagora

medical institution: UMHAT “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich”

address: Stara Zagora 6000, General Stoletov St

Tel: (042) 698 420

website: umbal-kirkovich.org

Prof. Dr. Lilia Pekova, MD, Head of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases

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